First Stay in Capernaum

 Harmony of the Gospels

-AD 27-
Capernaum, “His City”
(5) First Stay in Capernaum
John 2:12

After this he went down to Capernaum, he, and his mother, and his brethren, and his disciples: and they continued there not many days.  (John 2:12)

Joseph’s name is not mentioned, and I believe that he was dead by this time.  As the oldest son, Jesus was the head of the family.  That’s why His mother and His brothers accompanied Him.  He supported them and they traveled with Him at this time.  He traveled with a large group.  Remember, that at one time, He sent out 70.  There were more than twelve disciples; but the twelve were His inner group that He trained.  They were His friends, which would be entrusted with the mission of building His church. 

“After this,” probably refers to the time that His hometown, Nazareth, would not receive Him.  When He went into the synagogue and read from Isaiah, they said, “…..Is not this Joseph’s son?”  (Luke 4:22)  They would have killed Him, but it was not His time.  He walked out of Nazareth and took His family and disciples to Capernaum.  This would be His headquarters, for the remainder of His earthly ministry. 

It should be pointed out that His brothers did not believe in him, at this time.  John 7:5 says, “For even his own brothers did not believe in him.”  They may have thought that He was just carried away with religious enthusiasm.  Later, they would believe, and one of His brothers, James, would become the head of the church in Jerusalem.

Capernaum was not only His headquarters, but it was also where more miracles were done than in any other city.  Jesus would comment about this and rebuke the people who lived there, for their unbelief.  They should have believed in Him, because He spoke more often in their synagogues and did more miracles there.

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