Harmony of the Gospels

(19) Withdrawal beyond Jordan
John 10:40-42

(John 10:40-42)  And went away again beyond Jordan into the place where John at first baptized; and there he abode.  And many resorted unto him, and said, John did no miracle: but all things that John spake of this man were true.  And many believed on him there.

Although Jerusalem was the royal city, he made many trips to the country, not only to his own country of Galilee, but to other parts, even those that were in out-of-the-way places, beyond Jordan. Here Christ retires from the public scene, and He went away again beyond Jordan.  There he found some rest and quiet, when there was none in Jerusalem.  But there was always work for Him to do wherever He was at, and so He continued to teach and heal the sick.   However, the people find Him, and the ministry of John the Baptist is remembered, even though it had been three years since John had spoken there.  Although John did no miracles, yet all that he had said about Christ was true (1:19–36).

John the Baptist may not have done any miracles, but he bore a true testimony to the Messiah.  Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ.  He is the One that was to come.  What think ye of Christ?  This is the way to test your position.  You can’t be right in any of the rest unless you are first right in your thinking about Him.  What think ye of Christ?  If you are His sheep, you will hear His voice.  If you are not, you will not hear Him.  His voice will be drowned out in the babble of voices speaking to you.  His sheep are able to hear the Son of God. 

There are two things that can be said when comparing John’s ministry with the ministry of Christ.
1. That Christ’s power was far greater than John the Baptist’s power, for John did no miracle, but Jesus did many. Although John came in the spirit and power of Elijah, he did not work miracles, as Elijah did, in case the minds of the people should be made to waver between him and Jesus; therefore the honor of working miracles was reserved for Jesus alone. 
2. That Christ exactly satisfied John’s testimony. John not only did no miracle to divert people from Christ, but he said a great deal to direct them to Christ.  When we get acquainted with Christ, and come to know him personally, we find that everything that is said about Him in scripture is true.

Many believed on Jesus there, beyond Jordan.  They came to believe that He did miracles by the Power of God, and that He fulfilled the predictions of John, and that He was what he declared Himself to be, the Son of God, and they became His disciples after giving themselves to Him.  John’s was commissioned by God to prepare the way for Jesus.  He certainly accomplished his assignment in the country beyond Jordan.


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